Companies That Were Created On Instagram

Where did all these hip, small clothing companies come from? You know, the ones that are make only two t-shirts and one sweatshirts, designed with trendy yet simple graphics.

Many of these brands originated on Instagram. We look at companies such as PNWonderland, or WishYouWereNorthwest ~ these started as Instagram accounts that promoted outdoor adventures, and the 'wanderlust' lifestlye. They built a following and community by reposting and sharing peoples photos and experiences while out venturing. These communities have grown quickly and pushed these established accounts to take actions to generate a profit. A popular route is designing and selling apparel with these catchy handles on them, paired with a good looking graphic. Now, not only are these companies constantly promoting their brand on Instagram, but now their followers can purchase a material item from them, sport it in a photo and then have a greater chance of getting reposted on these accounts, wearing their swag.

These accounts that were, at one point, simply a feature account on Instagram, are now lucrative retail businesses, with free marketing using their own, growing, social media accounts.

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