How To Increase Online Customer Engagement

Such an important piece of social media for business is creating customer engagement. Whether you're a small company or home to hundreds of employees, your customers want to know what you're all about. They don't want to see a picture of your product in it's packaging every single day, or hear a pitch everyday about why your product is so great. You need to paint a picture for them - create a lifestyle behind your product that they can invest and engage in.

A great way to accomplish this is with lifestyle images - whether you share images from customers or set up lifestyle photoshoots, it's key to remind your following how your product can be used, where they can take it, and what it looks like in use. Studies have been done that show that, as viewers, we connect more to product within a real-life setting, even more so when it's an image of a person using or engaging with the product.

Another wonderful way to increase engagement with your follower base is, of course, calls to action. Now these don't have to be as 'demanding' as they sound. It can simply be questions that prompt a response like asking for someone's opinion, or how best your product or service has helped them. These sort of questions can also encourage customer success stories and conversations among your follower base.

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