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Union Culture. is based in Bend, Oregon, amidst the rising mecca of start-ups and outdoor activity. We are a one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing - specializing in social media management, web design, commercial photo shoots, and social strategy. 

Built by in-touch millennials, Union Culture. has established a wonderful network in Oregon and beyond. We work with a wide range of industries and can create a plan that lends best to your business's success and growth in today's digital environment. 





Back in 1998, Anna Jacobs whipped through seven disposable cameras on a trip to the San Diego Zoo before her father denied her an eighth. Just like that, an enduring imperative to capture and share images of all that is beautiful everywhere took root. 


Strengthened by the bold spirit of her entrepreneurial parents in Burlington, Vermont, and equipped with a business degree and a minor in English from UVM, Anna landed the job of Social Media Manager for Free People’s flagship store in NYC. In 2013 she leaped west to Bend, Oregon, to fully indulge her urge to climb peaks, chase waterfalls, deep star gaze, and take unforgettable photographs of it all.


Anna’s sharp eye and keen understanding of multi-tier social media networks empower her to construct and develop marketing landscapes that grow and flourish. Anna possesses the ability to appreciate the finest detail as well as the big picture, understanding how the two work dynamically to draw attention and keep it there.


When not creating and supporting compelling social media campaigns, Anna’s working on her side project, Mountain Modern Airstream, restoring vintage Airstreams, exploring new Oregon landscapes, or practicing yoga. And everywhere and in between, capturing the beauty in many, many photographs.




When you start out as a fledgling copywriter—all glitter and exclamation points in your eyes, verbs vibrating at the back of your throat—there are certain things you’re not told. Like how you’re going to have to write about the intricacies of some fairly unsexy subjects, including stainless steel boat propellers, senior living centers, and technical fleece vests. Did you hear the record stop?

In other words, you’re not told you’ll need to become a purveyor of esoteric knowledge, a magician adept at making meaningful SEO content appear from seemingly nowhere. Nope. But you either pursue a different profession, or you do it. You call on your inner research warrior and you deploy all manner of creative and collaborative forces. You hone and you samba and you invent, never not on your toes.

This sort of explorative wizardry is exactly what Laura’s been doing (embracing) and finding spark in for the past fistful of years. Defying gravity with her words, pulling paisley kerchiefs of creative content through her left nostril, architecting rough magic when and where it counts. Putting the needle back on the record, if you will, or opting for a new EP altogether. Read more about Laura & Frank Mouth here.


Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 8.56.07 PM.png


Art is what you can get away with. -Andy Warhol

Hi, I'm Brittany, a Renaissance Woman with a keen eye for narrative and a bag chock full of tools to help you tell your story. With a background in seed starting / tarot reading / reality tv bingeing & SEO copywriting, I know how to wrangle words until they work.

For more than five years, I’ve put my Midwestern work ethic to good use as a content creator, arranging research, client notes, and search terms like a puzzle, while  leaving the magic for other realms. But I’m looking for more.

Bc tbh? I’m a Scorpio and nothing excites me like transformation. Risk is an opportunity for reward. That said, I’m strategic, deadline-oriented, and deliberate in my choices, whether I’m starting from scratch or rethinking a current project.

If you want crisp, clean copy that knows what it’s doing, a fresh take on an old story, or a handmade collage to add to your newsletter, drop me a line. 




Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Brian Zager got his Bachelor degree in Studio Art at the University of Vermont. Now living at the base of Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, he works as an illustrator and graphic designer. He cares about how your brand looks. From custom illustration to full brand identities, Brian has it all covered. With a background in illustration and printmaking, he has been creating everything from logos to full apparel lines for brands since 2008. No detail is too small or unimportant, and he takes great care in making sure your brand makes a statement in the world. 




Lis(LIH--z) Thomas works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to increase online brand awareness, create marketing strategies, and build lasting relationships with target audience groups. 

Bringing an acute creative and strategic instinct to her craft, Lis and her team build strong content‐focused foundations for brands in the digital marketplace. Having spent 10 years in various marketing roles, gaining critical insight and expertise into social media strategy, content marketing, brand development, and advertising, Lis decided in 2013 to launch a smart and limber digital marketing firm to help clients with their online marketing needs. She has a proven record of building strong digital strategies, and cultivating lasting client relationships.


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